Welcome to The Taylorsville Technology Center

Yes, the internet has truly changed the world.  The question is how can it enrich your life?  More than that, do you know how to set up your computer and internet services to do everything you want them to do?

If for some reason, you have answered those questions no, you've reached the right place.  Our store has its own computer geek who can help you set-up and network every device in your house.  There are two typical approaches to home net working:  (1)  Wired and (2) Wireless.  There are benefits to both.  In fact, most homes use both whether its conscious or not.

If a high speed internet source was added to your home after it was built you probably only have one point and no distribution.  Which is why wireless works well for so many people.  What most people don't realize is that router can also serve to connect to other devices, like printers for example, through a networking feature called file sharing.  It can also give you the ability to control many things like the web sites that are visited within your business or household

A newer home can be wired for high speed internet in multiple locations.  In many cases, this is preferable.  Most people who play games online will want a cable running to their console rather than a wireless connection.  It helps connectivity and allows for firmware updates.  That's one reason why I always recommend a high speed internet connection for next to your Audio Video equipment.

So if you are interested in having an expert come to your house to help you solve your internet or computer problems, give us a call.