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If you are building a new home, finishing a basement, or adding an extra room, pre-wiring prepares each room for intended use.  However, you may also want to think about future uses.  Today's television's have multiple inputs.  Each input can have a different purpose.  Blue Ray players use HDMI cables.  Computers vary based on which video card you have, but VGA is most common.   There are also devices which use Composite, S-Video, and Component cables to communicate.  The point is that thinking through applications and planning for the future is time worth spending.

You also need to be aware of what type of services are available where you are building.  In many rural parts of our state, you have limited options for services.  If you can not get DSL from the phone company, how are you going to get anything other than dial-up for internet?  The answer is Satellite Internet.  In rural Kentucky,  you should think about adding an additional feed to support those services as well. 

Another thing to think about is what type of materials are being used.  Telephone wiring for voice communication is done through a four wired cable, but high speed internet and data is done through category 5 network cable. One thing I would recommend to anyone is having a cat 5 line ran to any television location.  If you play games, stream videos, or need to update software you need to be able to get signal to that location.   Another recommendation is to make sure that all coax is 100% copper core.  This is a necessity for HD satellite systems.  It passes signal easier and helps with simple applications such as digital television through an antenna

Three tips to keep in mind:

1.  Wire For The Future.  Each outlet should have at least two Coax outlets.  The only wire to use in a 100% solid copper core cable.  Anything else does not meet the specifications of today's advanced systems.  I would also run a Cat 5 network cable to each TV to support video streaming applications.

2. Redundancy is Good.  Two outlets in the same room gives you (or the next homeowner) diversity with their floor plan.  Furniture changes, and so do electronics.  More is better than less, particularly when you are talking about common living areas such as Den's, Basements, and Family Rooms.

3.  Don't skimp on materials.   There are a lot of cable manufacturers out there and they are not all created equal.  Make sure who ever is doing your wiring work is using quality cabling.  In the care of coax, 100% solid copper core in a necessity.

We'd love to pre-wire your home.  Please contact us directly so we can schedule a walk through.